Football Introduction and Playing Ground Detail

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Football: The game of soccer is also called soccer or soccer. There is no specific evidence as to when this game was started. However, the game is considered to be a modified version of the ancient game Harpastnum. That is why this game is considered one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Football is an international game which play in all over the world but mostly this game is played in Europe country. In Football Pakistan team has very low rank. The position of Pakistan football team in all over the world is near about 206 according to the 2022 ranking. Messy, Ronaldo, Zidane has a big name in Football History. According to the ranking the crowd of football is much more than other games.

Playing Ground: 



Lines of Football Ground:

The maximum width of the mother lines is 12 cm. Touch line width lines are called Goal lines. The field is called ‘Halfway line’ And distributes it.

Goal Area:

At a distance of 550 m from the inner edges of the post on the round line, 550 m. It will be surrounded by lines and round lines Round Asia.

Penalty Area:

In Goal post inner side Round line 50. 16 meters from the inner edges of the school post, vertical lines 16.50 meters long. This area is 50 by 16 meters x 40.32 meters which is surrounded by a clear line on its side and on its side.

Penalty Kink Mark:

The penalty kick mark or mark in the “petty area” is placed inside the field at a distance of 11 meters from the center of the “goal line” and perpendicular to it, which is called a penalty mark.

Penalty Curve:

An arc with a radius of 9.15 meters from the penalty mark will be placed outside the penalty area so that all players except the clicking player and the defensive goalkeeper at the time of the “penalty kick” will be hit at this time and the penalty will be awarded Stay out of.

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Goals in Football

Round two poles consist of upright Upright Posts and a cross and they are held in the middle in such a way that they are placed at equal distances from the corners of the field. Meter should be round post and cross bar depth width should be the same and in sexy case not more than 12 cm. Round line width must be equal to round and cross bar width.

Corner Arc/ Corner Area:

At each corner of the playground, a quarter of a 1 meter radius is placed inside the field.

Half way Line:

Half way line Divides the playground into two equal sections in width.

Central Circle:

The center mark is placed in the very center of the travel line and a circle of 9.15 meters radius is placed on it which is called the central or central arrow and from this circle the game is started through Luck Off.

Players in Football:

Each team will have a maximum of eleven players, one of whom will be the goalkeeper. The batch cannot start until at least seven players from both the teams are present and the game will be terminated when the players of either team are less than seven.

Changing Rules of Players in Football

In tournaments organized by the International Football Federation, each team is allowed to change three players in a match, but in other competitions it is allowed to change three to seven players in each match. It depends on the organizers how many players they allow to change.

How to Change Player in Football During Match

The names of the players to be replaced must be given to the referee at the start of the match when and which player is to be replaced. The referee must be notified in advance. The player can only enter. When the referee signals the player to come in. The substitute will enter the ground near the half-day line.

The changed player is not reinstated in the game nor can his replacement be changed for the rest of the game. Any player of the team can be changed as a goalkeeper after giving advance notice to the referee. If a substitute enters the field of play without the referee’s permission or a player is replaced as a goalkeeper, the offender will be shown a yellow card as well as a warning. After that the game will be started at this place by dropping the ball again between the teams.

Players Uniform and Equipment

Players must be able to play Zari Baqmeez, Knee Long Guard Mail. Athletes should not wear anything that is dangerous to others (there are all kinds of nuggets in it). Socks should be completely covered.

The dress of goal keeper in football match must be different from other team. During match the uniform of the empire must be change. If any player used improper uniform during match then empire have authority to out in from match. If the player does not agree with empire then he show yellow or red card.


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