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Hockey is a game which play between two teams and both teams have 11/11 players. Both teams players used long curved stick to hit the ball for getting point. There are different types of hockey, ice hockey, para ice hockey, Roller hockey (inside), Roller hockey (quad), street hockey.

Important Points in Hockey:

  • The center line is placed in the middle of the playground. 6) Lines of 290 meters (25 yards cross the field. These lines will be 22.90 meters (25 yards) from the nearest edge of the center line to the outer edge of the backline.
  • 1.83 meters (2 yards). B Lines Center 22.90 m (25 yards above the parallel to the sidelines.
  • Its outer edges (d) 300 mm (12 inches) long lines parallel to the back lines on the inside of the playground on each sideline. The distance from the inner edges of the backlines to the inner edges of these lines is 14.63 meters (16 yards). It is installed at a distance of 4.55 meters (5 yards).
  • The law, as enacted in 1999, applies 300 mm (12 inches long) parallel to the inside of the playground above each sideline and from its outer edge, and 5 meters (5.47 yards) from the inner edge.
  • 4.55 m (5 yards) and 9.14 m (10 yards) 300 mm (12 inches) long lines are laid inside the playground on either side of the goal post on the backline.
  • Two 150 mm (6 inch) long lines are laid 1.83 meters (2 yards) outside the playground on either side of the center of each backline.
  • In the center of each goal post inside the shooting circle, a diameter of 6.40 meters (7 yards, 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter) is marked on the inside edge of the goal line towards the inside of the playing field. The sign says.

Goal Posts in Hockey

In the Center of every back line goal posts and cross bar both color are white its shape are square. The width of cross bar is 51 Ml (12 inch). Two vertical posts will be placed in the middle of each line with a spacing of 06, 3 meters (4 g). A horizontal curve will be placed on top of both vertical round posts this time with a height of 2.14 m (7 ft) from the ground level to the inner edge of the bar. No part of the goal posts will exceed the crossbar. No part of the crossbar will extend outwards from the sides of the round posts.

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NET in Hockey

Tie the net tightly to the outside of the boards after intervals of a maximum of 150 mm (6 inches) at the back of the round post and cross. The setting of net very strongly however the ball never cross the goal posts, cross bar, and back board center. Net does not very tight when ball hit the net then it never come back. The maximum size of the net hole will be 45mm. The hole size of the net never be above 45mm. If the size will be increase then hockey ball can be cross the hole of the net therefor the hole size is small.


Material and color of Hockey Stick

It should not be made of stone or similar components but should be made of wood provided the stick serves the purpose of playing And do not endanger human health. Stick tape and brocade can be applied to the stick provided the surface is smooth. Metal or light reflecting tape is not allowed.

It is not painted on the stick nor on the taped area, but can be painted white or green on the 100 mm (4 inch) bottom of the stick and is applied from the bottom smooth part of the handle. Size and Weight (a) The stick could pass through the rear of 51 mm (2 inches) diameter with all the extra Material miles.

Hockey Players

All the players of the team wear the same dress which will be registered by club. Both team players will never wear these thing which can harm to another team players. If any player harm to another then empire will be show yellow or red  card.

Before starting the game empire toss between both team. The team who won the toss will be choose the side according to the wish. however another opponent team will start the game with pass.

In which case the game will Start from the Center Pass

In the following cases the game is started from the center pass:

  • The team that wins the toss has the right to choose the side or end of its choice or to start the game from the center pass.
  • After the goal is scored, the game will be resumed from the center pass by the team against which the goal was scored. The game will start from the center pass after the quarter time
  • If there is a bad time in the allotted time then extra time is given. After getting extra time, the game will be restarted from the center pass.

Free Hit in Hockey

The free hit is given in the following cases:

  1. The offending player makes a mistake within 23 meters of the defensive team. A defensive player makes an unintentional mistake within his 23 meters but outside the shooting circle.
  2. When any player has a violation in the area between 23 meters.


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