Penalty Stroke in Hockey

Penalty Stroke in Hockey

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Penalty Stroke in Hockey:

In the following cases, the attacking team is given a pellet stroke against the defensive team.

  • When a defender intentionally commits a foul inside the shooting circle that misses the chance to score Or the player loses possession of the ball.
  • In the shooting circle, the defender will inadvertently make a mistake that will not result in the expected goal.
  • During a panty corner, if a defensive player crosses the back line repeatedly before the ball is played.

Procedure Of Penalty Stroke

  • The clock stops when given an anti-stroke.
  • After the penalty stroke is played, the clock starts ticking again when the empire blows the whistle to launch the game.
  • For the stroke, all the players except the goalkeeper of the defending team and the striker of the attacking team will be standing across the 2290 meter mark.
  • The defensive goalkeeper will wear his protective equipment during the stroke.
  • The defensive goalkeeper will stand still with both feet on the goal line.
  • In this way, the player who takes the stroke will also be in a state of stillness before playing the stroke.
  • The player making the stroke will make the stroke when the empire does not play the whistle.
  • The player can take a step forward to open the mushrik, but the hind foot should not go beyond the other foot.
  • The striker can’t stop the goalkeeper with any of his actions.
  • The player can move the ball forward with a penalty stroke. (Amended Law).
  • Penalty stroke ball can rise to any height.

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Ending of Penalty Stroke

In the following cases, The Penalty stroke will be ended.

  1. When rounded or awarded.
  2. When the ball is in the circle.
  3. The goalkeeper snatches the ball or hangs in its protective equipment.
  4. The Penalty Stroke Maker may make a mistake that may result in a score not being counted.
  5. Get the ball out of the back line or over the posts.
Penalty Stroke in Hockey
Penalty Stroke in Hockey

Resumption of Play after Penalty Stroke:

  1. If a goal is scored, the game will start from the center pass. If players from both teams commit a foul at the same time, the stroke will be repeated.
  2. If a player on the attacking team makes a mistake, the stroke will not be played again. If a goal is scored, it will be considered.
  3. If the defensive team makes a mistake, the goal is awarded.
  4. If the attacker made a mistake and the goal was not scored, the defense team would hit 14.63 meters from the middle of their goal line.

Writing Notes on Personal Punishments in the game

Answer: Depending on the nature of the offense, the umpire may impose the following penalties on a player for deliberately injuring someone, engaging in a fight, playing a dangerous game or violating the law.

  • Verbally alert the player to any small and minor mistake.
  • Warn the player against any illegal action. Show Sabner Card Green Card.
  • Suspending the player for at least 5 minutes from the game in addition to warning. Yellow card for this purpose Yellow Card is displayed.
  • A red card is shown to suspend a player for the remainder of the game due to a serious error. The temporarily suspended player will remain at his / her designated place until the umpire signals him / her to join the game.
  • In the event of a temporary suspension or permanent suspension, the team will play less than one player.
  • In case of permanent suspension, the player concerned is not allowed to remain in the premises of the game.

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