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Rules and Official Duties in Football

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Rules and Official Duties in Football: In this article we will discuss some important Duties of office bearers / officials which is compulsory before and during the match. This rules and regulation follow all the management and the team members. If any person did not want to follow these rules which we are telling in below section then management can dismiss from team.

Duties of Referee

  • The referee statement controls the batch with the help of referees and a fourth official.
  • The referee enforces the rules of the game. Ensures that the ball is in accordance with the rules of the game.
  • Ensures that players’ uniforms conform to the rules of the game.
  • Performs duties as a time keeper and preserves the entire batch of records.
  • Referee may stop patch for any violation and may issue temporary or permanent termination of the match.
  • In the eyes of the referee, if a seriously injured player needs to be removed from the match, he can stop the sale.
  • The referee may order a temporary or permanent termination or termination of the offense due to bad weather or unnecessary interference from spectators.
  • When a player has a minor injury, the game continues until the ball goes out of play. The referee can send the bleeding player off the field of play and, when he is convinced that the bleeding has stopped, signals him back to the ground.
  • Referee allows the game to continue until he realizes that a foul will benefit the fouling team.
  • The referee imposes severe penalties only if the player violates the rules of the game.
  • Referee will not allow anyone except players and stunt referees to enter the ground.
  • The referee may issue warnings to the players for indecent and disrespectful behavior as soon as he enters the playing field. He may show the cards. The officers of the agency will provide the authority within the stipulated time.
  • A player on the playing field who goes to the goal line for any help can send him off the field..
  • It is the duty of the referee to check whether the alternative ball provided is in accordance with the law and the rules.
  • It is the duty of the referee to take notice of serious violations and to refrain from playing unnecessary and stringed instruments as such action may affect the game.
  • The referee’s statement reserves the right to disagree with the referee’s opinion.
  • The referee is fully acquainted with the rules of the game and is adept at enforcing these rules.
  • Referee Assistant Referee has the right to be replaced due to the unsatisfactory performance of Quan.
  • The referee, in addition to all the above mentioned qualities, was impartial, honest, opportunistic, consistent, tactful, understanding, courageous and self-sacrificing.
  • If the matter is hidden from the referee’s notice, he may follow the instructions of the assistant referee.
  • Referee during the match before the start of the match, after the events and the players against the respective officials.
  • The referee is obliged to submit the allotted time and the excess time lost due to any accident in the relevant half.

Assistant / Deputy Referee

  • Two assistant referees are appointed to assist in a football match. The assistant referees have the following duties.
  • We will assist the referee in the light of the rules on substitution of substitutes.
  • Stunt referees are bound to follow the referee’s instructions. The referee will indicate that the ball has gone off the field.
  • Stunt referees will tell you which side has to hit Carter kick, goal kick or throw.
  • Stunt referees have a flag provided by the relevant association which they wave to attract the referee’s attention.
  • Each assistant referee controls a goal line and the line. Referee-style assistant referees must wear specific uniforms. Off-side handball general fouls on any violation of the referee.
  • Assistant Referee assumes when the referee seeks his advice in the utmost honesty, sincerity and non-expression of opinion.

Football Match Duration

  1. The game will consist of two equal parts of 45, 45 minutes, however, in both and the referee can also play the game in consultation, But such a decision is necessary before the game begins.
  2. Can give more than half the time. However, the time lost due to an accident, player’s illness, care of the player or any other reason should be included in the half of the time that was wasted.
  3. The duration of this time is at discretion. At the end of the match or if penalty is to be imposed, the time will be extended to complete it.
Rules and Official Duties in Football
Rules and Official Duties in Football

Restart the Football Match

After the break both teams enter again into the ground. The team who have won the toss again start the game by kick to the football. In case of any goal opponent team start the game because according to the football rules and regulation the team who have a goal can’t start the game. If the match stop due to empire whistle then empire drop the ball in the center of two players and after 3 step any player can hit the ball and carry out forward.

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In-Discipline During Throw In:

If Throw in Player kick the ball before playing the other player then referee will give the free kick to opponent team. If the ball go through into the penalty area empire can gave the penalty kick to the opponent team. When the player disturbed to throw in then in this case referee will show yellow card are free kick.

Fouls in Football game:

In case of such irregularities or misconduct, if the player shows careless shelter, the opposing team is given a direct “free look” from the same place. The following fowlers are called big fouls.

  1. Kicking the opposing player. Killing or trying to hide
  2. Trying to kill the opponent.
  3. Attacking in a dangerous way.
  4. Hands pushing the opponent.
  5. Trying to get the ball by pushing the opponent before playing the ball (although the goalkeeper has the privilege of touching the ball in his “penalty shootout”).

Goal Kick in Football

One way to start the game again is to score a straight goal against the opposing team. It is given when the ball has completely crossed the goal line on the ground or in the air from outside the goal posts or above the goal and the last time it has touched the defender and gone out.

  1. The ball will be placed within a quarter circle of the nearest corner.
  2. The player who kicks before punching another player’s ball will not play it again. If he will play then this team There will be an indirect free kick from the same place.
  3. Opponents will be 9.15 meters away.
  4. Ball land is a way to start this game again. Against the opposing team.

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