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Volleyball is a game which played between two teams and both teams have 6/6 players which are separated by net. Volleyball is an international game which played in all National and International level. Each team tries to getting point by grounding ball to another team side.

Characteristics of Volleyball

Volleyball is a game played between two teams in a court which is divided into two parts by a net. The purpose of Hermit’s game is to throw the ball over the connect and drop it on the opposing court so that he cannot return it and also prevent the ball from falling on his court. If a lion wins a rally to send the ball back to the opposing court, it receives a pocket.

The playing area consists of a court and a free zone. The court will be a suitable rectangular shape. Free Irwin is at least 3 meters wide on all four sides of the court. No city shall be barred from at least 7 and above the level of court play. The playing surface of the volleyball court will be perfectly smooth, clean and uniform. The level of the court should not be like this. From which There is a risk of injury to the player. Playing in a slippery or rough place will not be allowed.

Slope of 5 mm is required for drainage of water in end works. Court lines are not allowed to be made of solid material. All the lines of the court are 5 cm wide. The color of these lines must be different from the color of the floor. The side lines and the end lines indicate the playing court.

Zone and Area in Volleyball

  1. Front Zone
  2. Service Zone
  3. Libero Replacement Zone
  4. Warm-up Area
  5. Penalty Area

Front Zone

The first zone on each half of the court extends from the axis of the center line and to the end of a line. The front zone is considered to extend from the sidelines to the end of the free zone.

Service Zone 

The order of the two zones or behind each end line is 9 meters wide. Two small side lines to the sides define it. Each line is 15 cm long which is applied as an extension of the sidelines leaving a space of 20 cm behind the end line.

Libero Replacement Zone

The Alternate Players Zone is part of the Free Zone, which is on one side of the Team Teach.

Warm-Up Area

In warm-up competitions or international competitions, the area of ​​warm-ups is about 3 meters x 3 meters. This happens in the side corners of the punches of one or both teams and outside the free zone.


Penalty Area

The penalty is on the back of the bench. It covers an area of ​​about 1 meter x 1 meter and is equipped with others. They are confined within 5 cm wide red lines.

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Net and Posts in Volleyball

Structure of the Net and Height

Net Long: 9.50 Meter

Net Width: 01 Meter

The Net Hole Size: 10cm

Net Height for Men’s: 2.43 Meter

Net Height For Women’s: 2.24 Meter

Volleyball History
Volleyball History

Side Bands

White bands are tied vertically to the net and are placed directly above the sideline. Side bands are 5 cm wide and 1 m long and are considered part of the net.


An antenna is a flexible roll. This knife would be made of fiberglass or this type of material. The length of the antenna is 1.80 meter and the diameter of the antenna is 10ml. The length of the antenna above the net strip is 80 cm.

(Note): 10 cm long strips of contrasting colors. Antennas are usually red and white Highlighted with colors. The antenna is considered part of the net and it reflects the limits of hair passage.


The posts / poles supporting the posts net are placed at a distance of 0.50 m-1,00 m outside the sidelines. Their height is 2.55 meters. Such posts / poles are preferred. These posts, which support the net in international competitions, are placed at a distance of one meter from the poles sidelines.

Post poles are perfectly smooth and round. They are installed without wires outside the court. Pots will be constructed in such a way that they do not become a hindrance and danger to anyone.

Standard of Balls in Volleyball

The hair will be round in shape. Its cover is made of soft leather or synthetic leather. Inside it is a bladder made of rubber or other similar material. Light Hair Color And it will be the same or a mixture of different colors.

Minimum Weight of Ball: 260 Gram

Maximum Weight of Ball: 280 cm

Minimum Diameter of Ball: 65cm

Maximum Diameter of Ball: 67 cm

Location of the Team in Volleyball

All other team members and coach sit on the table but the can leave temporarily any time. During the match only team members can sit on the table. They can enter any time in the game if they want to warm. The players who are not consist in team can warm up without ball. All the team member wear own shirts and kits.

Change of Equipment in Volleyball

  1. The referee may allow more than one player.
  2. Without sports shoes players can not enter into the game. Sports shoes is compulsory during match.
  3. FIVB’s official competitions are not allowed to be played barefoot
  4. Can change his uniform at the end of the first player change time. Provided that the uniform design number is the first uniform.
  5. The referee may allow players to play in the winter, provided that all suits (except for Labor players)

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